The Democrats are excellent communicators.
— no one, ever.

Most candidates – even at the Congressional level – can’t afford the cost of traditional video and creative services. They assume they can’t afford to produce quality content in-house. They lean on mediocre consultants  because most Campaign Managers do not have experience in marketing or strategic communications. Many campaigns don’t even have a full-time Communications Director, let alone a Digital Director.


"Political contribution" sounds like it's money being sent into a void – organizations and campaigns asking for your backyard, your rolodex, your wallet – and little else. Rarely have you come away with confidence your resources have been well-spent.

You want to help Democrats craft a concise message, broaden and galvanize their base. We show up on the ground and demonstrate what Democrats fight for. 

OUR OFFER: DEDICATION, Accountability, tangible results. 

Candidates require quality content – delivered by professionals who are well-versed in nuance and move at the speed of a political cycle. Our team consists of storytellers experienced at documenting the grassroots narratives of real people impacted by our political climate.

Our mission is to lift up emerging leaders, and persuade more people to give a damn. Campaigns require backbone –persistent, committed creatives – assets crafted by strong tacticians. Organizers who bring nonstop engagement to keep a team energized and moving. Because the object is to get the message out beyond the base, to get out the vote. Decisively.

“The candidate footage was incredibly valuable. Not just for the initial product, but for creating more products. It allowed us to turn around a video in less than 3 days and create much shorter versions closer to GOTV. Investing in going out and shooting this sort of thing for candidates seems like a no-brainer. Most candidates would either:
a) never be able to afford this themselves
b) not feel comfortable they raised enough $ to afford it until too late in the cycle
c) not be versatile enough to turn what was shot for TV into digital content.”
— Chris Westfield, Campaign Manager of WIN VIRGINIA



In total, across several platforms and accounts, our work was seen over ONE MILLION times, with millions more impressions – and largely in hyper-targeted areas we wanted in Virginia. Over 80% of the videos views/engagement were within the Commonwealth. 


Not only did we succeed with individual campaigns, but the ensemble effort also acted as a unifying force in the field. Producing “Let’s Get To Work” brought together Win VA, The Arena Summit, Mobilize, the DLCC, the DNC and Northam’s campaign on a successful project that everyone could engage with.

Impressions were highest in coveted 25-34 market.


WIN VIRGINIA Testimonial: Chris Westfield, Campaign Manager

“In a wave year, fueling that macro narrative is going to be crucial– and state leg caucuses will never spend the money to do it."




Our video "Let's Get to Work" was, as The Youths say, “🔥 fire 🔥” for the field as a rallying cry for volunteers, organizers and delegate campaign managers:

“just watched again — first time I’ve had chills in a while”
”you made me cry”
”I’m literally crying, it’s SO good”
”I’ve watched that shit a million times today”
— VA Organizers

That's a big new FOCUS: emotions over metrics. Why count total views when the goal is shaping individual hearts and minds? The hardest metrics: Did it make the viewer tear up? Did it make them do 25 pushups and sign-up for their first volunteer shift? Did it make them book their first flight home in years to go knock doors?


[GOOD POLITICAL] Digital Content has never been needed more, everywhere, at every level. There aren’t enough people with presidential campaign experience that continue to show up in the field and offer quality, affordable product. Few, if any, staffers have the resources to pull it all off.

We are moneyballing projects in bulk and piloting a radical new patron model to make [GOOD POLITICAL].

Your continued contribution allows us to bundle services, consolidate efforts, chart out a path to help as many candidates and communities as possible. Often the largest expense is travel and lodging – you are making it possible for our creative task force to show up for each project. You are providing us the space and flexibility to stay a while, foster genuine relationships with campaign leads and train locals to perform with presidential-level campaign savvy.

We want your help enlarging and expanding this good work. You are instrumental in guiding our creative project, so if you’re not pleased with the results, you stop funding. The point is, as long as you’re supporting [GOOD POLITICAL], you’re seeing a return on investment.

$30 is a tank of gas. $3,000 is a dedicated cinematographer and editor. $30,000 is a Midwest swing producing [GOOD POLITICAL] for several candidates, with resources to help target their message.

To scale, we seek core investors. The real work in politics happens on the ground – help us hit the road and keep us there. 

There’s nothing proprietary about altruism. 

We are partnering with a collective of creatives, campaign veterans, and evangelize industry professionals to the political process. We are building out “digital in-a-box” templates and trainings, so our initial engagement yields results where candidates can keep making [GOOD POLITICAL] on their own. 

[GOOD POLITICAL] is created by Josh Burstein.

This is Josh's DNC Yearbook photo.

Josh advises on creative for The Democrats and served in the Obama Administration as Director of Digital Strategy for the Department of Labor with Tom Perez. Josh also was the Digital Video Director for the DNC Convention in Philly.

Josh is just your run-of-the-mill Asian Jew from Tulsa, OK. He produced digital content for both Obama campaigns, and directed content for 7 races in the 2014 midterms as part of the initial team at Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate. He has produced national TV spots and a Bourdain-style travel series called LAST GLIMPSE.

Josh’s work for campaigns/organizations have been shared by National GeographicThe New York Times, TIME, Variety, The Washington Post, @BarackObama, @HillaryClinton, the Crooked Media guys – and a lot of other people that tweet better than the sitting President. 

Before a life dedicated to helping campaigns tell their story, Josh was selected out of 82,000 applicants to be @CharlieSheen’s social media guy and was West Coast Director of Business Development for the Government of Israel. It’s a long story.